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Long time ago I’ve started interesting and exciting journey to make a mobile game. Art and programming is done by me. This is true-solo-indie project called HeadlesD.

HeadlessD is dungeon-crawling game. Fight monsters and don’t forget to find a proper head, which gives you a special ability!

Here are the main features:

  • Randomly generated dungeon
  • Dozens of different monsters with unique abilities.
  • Dozens of traps
  • Boosters that help you heal yourself or to attack your enemies
  • Loot. Gold! A lot of gold
  • Secret items (sorry, no spoilers here 😉
  • Heads that give you unique abilities

The game is nearly done and I work hard to make it life. HeadlessD would be available for iPhone 4/5/6.

Here some core features

screenshots_explore_the_dungeon screenshots_loot_the_heads screenshots_use_new_skills screenshots_hords_of_enemies screenshots_treasure_chests

Here are few screenshots.

wwwHeadless_screen_001 wwwHeadless_screen_002 wwwHeadless_screen_003 wwwHeadless_screen_004 wwwHeadless_screen_005 wwwHeadless_screen_006 wwwHeadless_screen_007 wwwHeadless_screen_008

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