New comic strip!

I’ve started a comic strip. I am planning to draw each week a new short comic strip. It’s based on the character from my game and for now it’s called Hit and crash. The main purpose of this comic is to show and try tones of ideas that are being collected in my head… my musichead 😉 It’s hard to define exactly the main topics of this comic strip, but I guess you can see a lot about music of different genres, usually heavy and noisy ones, and different kinds of frustrations that we have to experience in our modern age.  

Collect rare objects and new boosters


Here are few updates about my current indie project.

 Game Over Screen 

The very core of the game is actually done. Basically you as a character need to crash as many objects that flight at you as possible. You need watch for the dangerous objects, collect rare ones and use some spells/abilities to survive. You can see some tests here: