I’ve recently started to work on a new game, which for now calls Hit. I started to build it in Unity3D, but later switched to Stencyl again. I guess Stencyl is easier for prototyping, at least for me. I am planning to use some monetisation and make it overall more complex than HeadlessD (my first game I build as a spear time project). 

 Game Over Screen 

The very core of the game is actually done. Basically you as a character need to crash as many objects that flight at you as possible. You need watch for the dangerous objects, collect rare ones and use some spells/abilities to survive. You can see some tests here:

The style of the game is heavily influenced by old MTV clips and Adult Swim design. It will be crazy and unusual game.

Game Over Screen

It seems that Stencyl is slowly growing into something more than just an engine for non-programmers. They have integrated Spine files into the Engine and now its possible to use awesome animation!



Stay tuned!


Hit game – Slide DB