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HeadlessD is hand-painted dungeon crawler with intuitive touch controls and NO in-app purchases. HeadlessD is available on iTunes.

Explore randomly generated dungeon with secret traps and great treasures. Collet gold, chests, potions, fight hordes of monsters and loot the heads! Each head gives you an unique skill as well as some weakness. Find the perfect head for your liking!

Long time ago I’ve started interesting and exciting journey to make a mobile game. Art and programming is done by me. This is true-solo-indie project called HeadlesD.

HeadlessD is dungeon-crawling game. Fight monsters and don’t forget to find a proper head, which gives you a special ability!

Here are the main features:

  • Randomly generated dungeon
  • Dozens of different monsters with unique abilities.
  • Dozens of traps
  • Boosters that help you heal yourself or attack your enemies
  • Loot. Gold! A lot of gold!
  • Secret collectable items (sorry, no spoilers here 😉
  • Heads that give you unique abilities

HeadlessD is available for iPhone and iPad.

At this very moment I’m working on big update and Android version for the game. I’m planning to update not only the code but some graphics as well. Here is a glimpse of some of these changes.

HeadlessD splash screen HeadlessD new menu HeadlessD game for iOs

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Stencyl website

The programming in HeadlessD is done by me only by using Stencyl. Stencyl’s engine is written in Haxe and based on OpenFL, an open source project that mirrors the full Flash API in Haxe and provides all the hooks required to publish games to all the major platforms. Stencyl has an unique easy to understand interface which allows to user like me to build the code without deep knowledge of programming.

Stencyl has a great community which is always ready to help.

incompetech website

I wouldn’t manage to make my game without music! Kevin MacLeod is a great musician. He provides a lot of music for free on his website (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0