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Froghemoth attack
Latest updates on two illustrations for Paizo Pathfinder Companion and Berserk CCG. Plus, a new discovery: ArtRage 3 Studio Pro – a vibrant alternative to Corel Painter.

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Here is the latest update with an illustration for Paizo Pathfinder Companion and one for Berserk CCG.

The First one I made a long time ago. It has now been published, so I can show it. The Second illustration for some technical reasons I had to draw in non-Corel software. I can’t use Adobe Photoshop for drawing because of awful interface and because there are no button which I can press and than rotate a canvas, as I able to do in Corel Painter. So, after short brainstorm I choose ArtRage 3 Studio Pro. And it’s great! It was so fun to explore this new and simple software 🙂 Interface – brilliant, it works stable (unlike Corel Painter), amazing simulation of actual painting (unlike annoying impasto in Corel Painter) and it’s only $80 for PRO-version (instead of $690 for Corel Painter 11)! I really enjoy ArtRage interface – you can change size and even rotate any of the floating panels! Great idea with Pods and References. In my case I had to use more bright and vivid colours, but my next work will be more like oil painting than digital. One minus I noticed in ArtRage: you can save your image only in an unique ArtRage format, and there are no any backup hotkeys and autosave scripts. All in all, you are always able to export to PSD-file, which is great! 🙂

If you are strong Corel Painter user you will definitely love ArtRage 3 Studio Pro. All you have to know for start using this software, just a few commands:

  1. to zoom: Shift+Right click and move,
  2. to rotate a canvas: Alt+Right click and move or Spacebar+Alt+Left click and move (like in Corel Painter)
  3. and reset rotation: Alt+D

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