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Under 450 words about my work

Wolfie’s just fine

AI has the potential to automate tasks and displace jobs in the creative industries. There

Time cover

Stop the war

Ukraine is an independent democratic country located in Europe. On February, 24th its whole territory

Think in spreads

Diving into the world of Metropole magazine – an honest critique from a Graphic Designer’s

Black Friday

Fridays and Mondays

Let me share with you a few interesting offers I found today in my mailbox.

Elementor showcase June 2020

The best in Elementor

The website I’ve done for
Guzimage photographer has been selected for the top 10 of

Bad UX or bad users?

There is no such thing as stupid users. Unveiling the UX pitfalls of Amazon: Why

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2D and 3D art for video games


Illustration for books and games