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Web design, corporate style, motion design


2D and 3D art for video games


Illustration for books and games

Hello! I’m Pavel, an Artist, Graphic Designer, and Illustrator

I’m a Senior Graphic Designer and Artist based in Vienna, Austria.

My creative journey started in 2002 when I earned a degree in Graphic Design and Publishing Illustration. I later entered into the world of art and design, securing a PhD in Arts in 2009.

I’ve worn many hats in various locations. I’ve been an Art Director, an independent game developer, and a Lead Artist at companies like Sunfox Games, Sproing, and Wooga. My freelance work includes illustration for game and book publishers. I’m no stranger to concept art, and my career has been a colorful adventure since 2002.

I use the power of creative software like Adobe Photoshop, Figma, Blender, ZBrush, and trusty Wacom tablets to bring my visions to life. My creative journey has also involved exciting personal projects. In one instance, I started independent game development, releasing ‘HeadlessD,’ a casual dungeon crawler for iOS and Android in 2016.

During another period, I launched a personal project called ‘Hit and Crash,’ which encompassed a casual game, a comic strip, and more. I enjoy creative challenges and am always eager for new horizons.

My skills are based on experience and formal training and include:

Concept Art

Visualizing game ideas through concept sketches and artwork

2D Art

Creating game assets for various engines, including Unity


Crafting immersive illustrations for games and literature

UI Design

Design interfaces for interactive experiences

Art Direction

Guiding creative vision for games, apps, and web experiences

Graphic Design

Designing for online and print, shaping digital and print

Motion Design

Crafting visuals with animation for digital experiences


Creating expressive logos, shaping brand identities

Comic Art

Weaving visual storytelling through comic artistry

3D Art

Sculpting 3D visuals for gaming and design projects


Building interactive prototypes for gaming and app development

Web Design

Crafting responsive web experiences with WordPress expertise

In my work, the software I use varies by project:

Hit and Crash

My comic strip on Instagram and game

Already familiar with the comic strip?
Get stickers at

Headless D

My game on iOs and Android


Under 450 words about my work

MY Portfolio


Concept art


Your turn

See if I guess what question you still have 😉

Am I open to being hired for a full-time position?

Sure, let’s connect! I’m actively job hunting. Download my CV ( PDF, 2Mb), connect on LinkedIn, or reach out via e-mail

Can I design and create a website for you?

I can help you design your website, whether it’s on WordPress or any other platform. Just get in touch with me via e-mail

Can I create artwork for your game?

Yes, I create custom game art, from concept art to 3D models. Tell me more at e-mail

Can I create artwork for your book or board game?

Yes, I create custom artwork for books and board games. Share your project details at e-mail

How can I connect with you on social media?

I’m open to new connections! While I’m responsive on all social media platforms, the quickest and easiest way to get in touch is through e-mail or LinkedIn

Am I up for collaboration?

Absolutely! I’m involved in various projects and open to collaboration. Drop me a line via e-mail and let’s chat.

Guessed wrong? Ask me at guzboroda@gmail.com