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Dungeon-crawling game for people in a hurry

Explore the mysteries of the dungeon with unique and lucrative treasures, hidden traps and fantasy creatures. Collet gold, chests, potions, fight hordes of monsters and loot the heads! Each head gives you new unique skills as well as some weakness. Find the perfect head for your liking!

Random dungeon

Hordes of monsters

Dangerous traps




A great little gem

at App Store – Nov 7, 2019

While the game isn’t exactly groundbreaking, it’s rhythm and mechanics are very solid and consistent, while remaining fun for a very long time. Best thing is- no annoying paywalls or premium currencies! Keeping the game open like this actually really adds to the enjoyment, even… 

Thanks Developer!

at App Store – Nov 4, 2019

Honest and caring developer, really tries to do right by the customers! Excellent game and excellent customer service!… 

Gutes Spiel!

at Google Play – Nov 1, 2019

Das Spiel ist wirklich außergewöhnlich, unterscheidet sich stark von allen, die ich bisher gespielt habe. Musik, Grafik – alles passt perfekt zusammen. Einfach herunterladen und testen… 

Pavel Guzenko

Game Artist

Oksana Guzenko



Game Engine

Kevin MacLeod

Music Author

Eric Matyas

Music Author