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Figma’s Escape from Adobe’s Furry Grasp

I spill the tea on Adobe's $20B plot twist and the design world's epic reaction. Check out my hilarious journey from Adobe XD to Figma, compare the quirks. From Figma's community-driven innovation to Adobe's familiar yet stagnant landscape.

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Adobe abandoned the deal, choosing Figma at $20B, a potential game-changer in the software world. This news has ignited joy among designers globally. Initiated almost a year ago, the deal faced intervention from EU regulators on the 19th of December, resulting in its cancellation. This twist of fate delivered a significant Christmas gift to many who perceived it as a threat to the competitive market.

Founded at the end of 2016, Figma quickly rose to prominence as the best UI design and prototyping tool. The 2019 launch of the Figma Community, in my belief, catapulted it to the pinnacle of development software, thanks to its excellent UX. Users could seamlessly share files and extensive libraries within Figma, avoiding the hassle of logging in or navigating between different websites.

Design Systems uploaded by users in Figma

Back then, most designers favored Adobe XD or Sketch. Both were notoriously resistant to feature improvements and oblivious to user feedback. Figma, on the other hand, prioritized good UX, and unsurprisingly, people loved it.

In 2021, while still using XD and Sketch, we at STRG decided to give Figma a shot. I conducted a brief investigation into what was better: XD or Figma. Looking at this list now, I can discern some interesting points:



While Figma improved in all areas, XD stands firm where it was like a beacon of stability.

I simply cannot imagine that Adobe could create interactive tools with condition logic like this:

Conditionals logic for Advanced Prototyping from Figma Config 2023

XD’s interaction capabilities remain as complex as those in Photoshop.

Among the many benefits of Figma back then, there was also a crucial one – Figma isn’t Adobe, and therefore, it’s prone to change and feature improvements. Personally, when I saw they have a community that votes for the best new feature, I was very intrigued.

Screenshot from Figma Community Votes page

While Adobe has its own Adobe Community, it’s basically dead, and everyone knows that the next Adobe feature will be another tool for removing backgrounds or coloring eyeballs. How often do you remove backgrounds?

I might feel sorry for the Figma founders, missing out on that $20B and the opportunity to start fresh. But, I’m glad Adobe isn’t going to wipe out Figma like they did with Macromedia Flash in 2005, killing off the competition right after buying it.

"Living over a cat food factory has its advantages but sometimes I tire of their ingredients."
Fat Cat
Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers

While Figma isn’t being bought by Adobe, and it seems to be on the road to compete again, I expect big changes and more prototyping features. Here is one I am excited about:

🤖 AI Generator

I would love to see AI generate a comment section for my website design or duplicate teasers while changing images, titles, and excerpts from one selected original teaser. It would be nice if it could suggest variations of design from selected elements.

And that wraps up my dive into the world of design drama! Cheers to Figma for great product, Adobe for keeping us on our toes, and to all the designers out there crafting digital wonders. Until the next update or acquisition, may your designs be slick, your prototypes flawless, and your creative journey a wild, wonderful ride. 

For cover image Fat Cat from Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers cartoon series was used

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