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The beauty of CSS animation

The beauty of CSS animation

Since most of my time as a web designer, I spend writing and changing CSS and I tend to appreciate when someone creates very simple and neat tricks with CSS. Especially when it’s not just a hamburger button or loading bar. While just scrolling through www.codepen.io I stumble across beautiful and simple effect made by Piotr Galor. The beauty of this effect is there are no SVG or any Java, it’s animated by using border-radius, opacity and basic CSS properties.

As you can see below I’ve implemented this effect for www.guzimage.com  using the only CSS without any Java. The only image here is a white logo that I’ve done in After Effects and converted to APNG (animated PNG, refresh the page if you haven’t seen the animation) but the rest is a simple CSS code.

It’s only 93 strokes of code and I think it could have been even smaller. You can open the Developer Tool in Google Chrome and see for yourself. 

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