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Fridays and Mondays

Black Friday
Let me share with you a few interesting offers I found today in my mailbox. Sales and discounts!

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Black Friday is here and Cyber Monday is upon us. Whether we want it or not and despite well-known controversy over the culture of consumerism a lot of developers and sellers in Web and CG businesses are making nice offers. Here are few that I found today in my mailbox.
My favourite hosting provider Dreamhost started its sale. I know this provider for many years and used it for many different websites.
Elementor is offering the sale on upgrades that worth to consider. PRO version would save you tones of money and headache on your WordPress website.
The best plugin for After Effects that doesn’t cost thousands of dollars, Mister Horse has one of the best deals on CG market.
ArtStation Marketplace is the best place to find the best assets for CG, whether you’re looking for Photoshop or ZBrush brushes.
On ArtStation Marketplace you can find any CG artist but one of them I would like to mention just one more time. It’s Danny Mac, one of the best 3D artist and a great teacher. Use code: blackfriday at checkout.
One of my favourite slider for WordPress. I wrote about it before. Don’t miss the discount!

Most of the sales except some old fashioned companies like Adobe, are extended beyond this Friday, so you probably going to enjoy some discounts and sales till 4th of December and sometimes even longer.

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