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Elementor showcase June 2020
The website I've done for Guzimage photographer has been selected for the top 10 of June, at number 6.

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One of the biggest benefits graphic designers have nowadays is to jump from one tool to another. Not so long ago I’ve written that the best Page Builder is WPBakery Page builder. Since then it seems things had really proceeded in the way to object to everything I wrote. I’ve built several websites on Elementor and watched very closely how this page builder is growing. How big their community is and how big is the support from third-party developers

I had been so impressed by this page builder so I decided to even redesign with Elementor some of my websites. Apart from tuning up some parts of this website, I rebuilt the website for my wife and video/photographer Oksana Guzenko which on Jul 8, 2020, has been selected by Elementor for the top 10 of June, at number 6.

At the very beginning, I already knew that I had to use the Pro version of Elementor ($50) which allowed me to use as fewer plugins as usual. I was worried that with heavy images in portfolio big amount of plugins would slow down the website. So, I tried to use the very minimum of plugins and make the website as light as possible.

Before the redesign, the website was a very trivial page with a section about the services, main features, testimonials etc. We’ve noticed that when we were discussing what is the most important part on the website, we were circling around the following 4 features:

  1. Name and photo of the photographer
  2. Photo gallery
  3. Prices
  4. Online booking

So we decided to keep the website clean from all old blocks like testimonials and services and focus only on these four features.

Girl in the park

The main idea was to show that the photographer behind this website is fun, colourful and simply bigger than life person. 

I really like Elementor and I favour this page builder over the others simply because the flexibility and really nice features it has. Elementor never ceases to amaze me with new features it rolls out with every update. I look forward to building more beautiful websites with Elementor.  

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