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AppStore + Chrome

AppStore + Chrome

While I was building the website for Headless D and implementing the buttons to AppStore and Google Play I found that the link to AppStore doesn’t work if you click on the iPhone using Chrome! Can you imagine! Using iPhone the link to AppStore doesn’t work! It turned out it’s a known bug. People have found a workaround and now you need to use instead of official link like this:


this kind of link:


adding this magical ?mt=8 at the end.

According to Stackoverflow members, the parameter mt stands for “media type” and tells the OS what they are dealing with. In this case, media type 8 indicates “Mobile Software Applications”.

I am writing this mainly because on my iPhone I can still meet a lot of links that don’t work on mobile Chrome. It’s a real shame that such giants as Apple and Google cannot solve these stupid issues. 

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