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Under 450 words about my work

AppStore + Chrome

While I was building the website for Headless D and implementing the buttons to AppStore

Slider for web-design

Discover Revolution Slider: The go-to choice for crafting stunning website headers. From templates to animation,

Monetization with ads

Facing AdMob woes as an indie game developer? Discover my journey through ad network changes,

Game engine for beginners

Discover my journey of developing Headless D, a game that started with the user-friendly Stencyl

New sci-fi level is done!

Exciting news! The new sci-fi level is nearly complete. Codenamed ‘Synth,’ get ready for an

Swipe to crash everything!

🚀 New Gameplay Unveiled! Experience enhanced graphics and exciting features. Discover protective boosters, item crashing,

Hit and crash trailer

New game is on the way!

Exploring new horizons in mobile game development with Unity3D, inspired by the zany aesthetics of

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2D and 3D art for video games


Illustration for books and games