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Informal project manager

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While on my daily job I used to work with Jira for my own project I had to find something similar but… free. I tried Tello, Asana, Todoist, OmiFocus, Basecamp and ClickUp was my choice. One of the main requirements was the possibility to estimate time for each task. Not choosing when I start and finish the task, but estimate the time for a task right at the beginning. For me, it was crucial to see time estimations and it may sound strange but not all of them can do this. I also didn’t want to deal with web-based software and wanted a standalone app with mobile integration. Mobile version for ClickUp is a bit clunky but it works when I suddenly have a flash of inspiration and need to write it down immediately.

I’ve noticed I was more inclined to use the List view (on the screenshot above) rather than Kanban board. I guess it’s just because I use this manager only for myself and often all I need is a simple to-do list software. 

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