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Under 450 words about my work


Making of CCG image

Explore my work process as I craft a vibrant and detailed Collectible Card Game (CCG)

Steampunk berserk

Steampunk experience

Explore Steampunk with my latest artwork, where steam, metal, and creativity converge. I aimed to

Making of Rising

A tutorial journey through the creation of the artwork ‘Rising’ as an homage to Frank

Sculpting for an artist

Explore my journey sculpting a unique portrait of Brownie, the house spirit, with plasticine as

Froghemoth attack

ArtRage experience

Latest updates on two illustrations for Paizo Pathfinder Companion and Berserk CCG. Plus, a new

Dark Elf

Dark Elf and costume references

🎨 Exploring fresh creativity! Currently experimenting with a two-color palette, steering clear of traditional themes.

About sketches

Exploring the importance of the sketching phase in my artistic process. Your sketches tell the

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Web design, corporate style, motion design


2D and 3D art for video games


Illustration for books and games