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About sketches

I always begin my work with sketch in 2B Pencil on a beige background (Corel Painter). When I’m sketching I’m trying to record my plastic idea and design a composition. This is very important stage of my work! I spent a lot of time to solve all those problems concerning my ideas, author’s ideas and client’s view of the particular scene.  Actually, my sketch is not just a ‘stage before the real work’ it’s a very big and important part of the whole process.  Once, I don’t remember when I decided to keep all my sketches and now I have a great opportunity to see almost all my sketches and analyse how I’ve worked before and how I improve my skills.  So, I just try my layer with sketch always keep safely. There is no place in your portfolio for works like this, because clients want to see what they can purchase from you. But always save your sketches for your future analysis!

Here are my examples of sketches which I found in my published and not approved (the 6th is not approved) works.

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There will be a day when I’ll be the greatest artist in the world 😉 I’ll published all my works with all these sketches and I’ll become a more greatest artist than I was before 😉

By the way, there are new art books, which you ‘must have’:  Art of Tom Baxa and DiTerlizzi’s Sketchbook. Actually, Tom Baxa has not yet published his book, but he going to publish.

Here’s his funny message (beware zombie dog!) 🙂


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