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Exploring the importance of the sketching phase in my artistic process. Your sketches tell the story of your growth as an artist. Plus, some exciting new art books you won't want to miss! ✏🎨📚

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I always kick off my creative process with a 2B Pencil sketch on a beige background in Corel Painter. Sketching, for me, is not just a preliminary step; it’s a crucial part of the entire process. It helps me solidify my plastic ideas and design the composition. I spend ample time at this stage, addressing concerns related to my ideas, the author’s concepts, and the client’s vision for the scene. Collecting these sketches over time allows me to analyze my progress and improvements.

While sketches might not always find a place in the portfolio, they’re invaluable for future analysis. 

I envision a day when I’ll be recognized as the greatest artist globally. At that point, I’ll proudly showcase all my works, complete with these sketches, and evolve into an even greater artist than before.

On a related note, there are two must-have art books: ‘Art of Tom Baxa’ and ‘DiTerlizzi’s Sketchbook.’ Although Tom Baxa’s book is yet to be published, he’s on his way.

Here’s a fun message from him (beware the zombie dog!)

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