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Dark Queen

Dive into the world of fantasy gaming with my latest illustration! A malevolent character, a sinister army, and boundless adventures await. Stay tuned for more gaming art! 🃏🌟

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I’m excited to share my most recent illustration created for a Russian card game by Fantasy World. 

This piece brings to life a captivating character – not one from a specific fantasy novel, but rather an embodiment of malevolence with a vast, sinister army at her command. As you gaze upon this artwork, let your imagination wander and conjure stories of epic battles, cunning strategies, and untold mysteries in the world of the card game. With a rich tapestry of details and dark allure, this illustration sets the stage for countless adventures and challenges. Dive into the realm of gaming, where the line between hero and villain is blurred, and every card holds the power to shape the fate of the game. Stay tuned for more exciting illustrations and stories from the realm of fantasy gaming!

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