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A point about ancient weapons and armour

Sometimes I have to find an unusual solutions in my work. For example, I needed to depict here [singlepic id=17 w=320 h=240 float=] an ork with a sling. Sling is a weapon which I haven’t had opportunity to use before. I think many artists from time to time have the same situations. So I was starting to search the Internet for some tips. After hours of surfing I found this great man – Lloyd

He has a channel on the Youtube  where he writes (or wrote, it’s been a long time since his  last post) a lot of interest videos about “how to hold a spear”, “about bows”,“axes”, “katana”, “chainmail”, “shields” and many other stuff. He shows (what is the most important!) and explains with a good sense of humor many very important details about weapon and armour. For artists it may be a good mine of information about how hand (palm, neck, elbow etc)  looks when a warrior use a sling, spear or other weapons, for others just funny movies.

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