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Steampunk experience

Recently I got the great opportunity to draw a few illustrations in unusual for me Steampunk theme.

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In the first above I tried to capture the mood of sea and cold wind. In the second one the mood of fire and smoke. The last one is about steam and metal. The most important thing here is to produce your own experience of these mood.

Sometimes I hear, that all you need to make very realistic effect is to know all physicist laws like what is a light wave, how does reflection work and deferent color theories etc. I’ve got a few physicist folks who know all these laws very well, but none of them can draw anything and never will able to, they just completely deferent people. They think differently. The main artist’s feature is observation! An artist can catch some details from real life and then use them for his own work. Here are good words by Marko Djurdjevic relative to this subject. An artist’s own experience is the main reference for his work. When I tried to reach right mood in my pictures above I tried to solve quite simple problems such as “steam and light” and “smoke and fire”, and tried not to be swamped by small belts, cables and glasses. I still need work hard on these problems. All I need is to be more observant, to have a keen eye. So, next steampunk experience will be better!

The best Steampunk Art ever
Steampunk things in costume 
Marko Djurdjevic studio


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