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Steampunk berserk
Explore Steampunk with my latest artwork, where steam, metal, and creativity converge. I aimed to evoke unique moods and experiences in these pieces, capturing the sea's adventure, fiery depths, and the world of steam and metal. Creating compelling Steampunk art is about observation, not just physics. My future goal? To be an even more observant artist, capturing the essence of this fascinating genre. Join me in this artistic journey! ✨🎨

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Recently, I had the wonderful opportunity to explore a new and unusual theme in my artwork—Steampunk. This captivating style transports us to a world of imagination where steam, metal, and ingenuity reign supreme.

In the first piece, I aimed to capture the mood of the sea, with its brisk winds and a sense of boundless adventure. The second illustration delves into the fiery depths, where the mood is ablaze with the crackling of fire and the dance of smoke. The last piece immerses us in a world of steam and metal, where technology and imagination converge. These artworks are not just about visuals; they are about evoking an experience, a sensation, a mood.

People often think that creating realistic effects is solely about understanding the laws of physics, such as the behavior of light waves, the intricacies of reflection, and color theories. I’ve met physicists who possess this knowledge, yet they struggle to translate it into art. The essence of an artist goes beyond equations and theorems; it’s about observation. Artists have the unique ability to observe life’s minutiae and translate it into their work.

As the talented artist Marko Djurdjevic aptly put it, an artist’s own experiences serve as the primary reference for their work. When I embarked on these Steampunk illustrations, I tackled fundamental challenges like ‘capturing the interplay of steam and light’ and ‘depicting the complex dance of smoke and fire.’ My focus was on the broader elements, ensuring that the essence of steam and metal shone through, rather than being drowned out by the details of belts, cables, and glass.

To create more compelling Steampunk art in the future, my goal is simple: to become an even more observant artist. I want to sharpen my eye for detail and my ability to capture the mood, essence, and energy of this fascinating genre. 

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