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Making of CCG image

Hi to all people! Recently I’ve decided to capture the process of my work at an image for CCG (Collectable Card Game). This kind of job has some rules. Usually it means that I can’t draw very detailed image and I need to make eye-catching things bigger and lighter. The card is very small and most of the times has a quite dark design. So, I need to emphasize all important things to make them more… visible. In this  particular case I had to meet the requirements, which are slightly different than described above. My client requires quite detailed artwork with bright (or even vivid) colors, and which he can, not just framed it, but put into a dark design.

In the process of making this artwork you can notice a moment when I’m drawing on a beige layer. This is how I make big changes. When I want to change something I make a beige layer with 70% of transparency and the pencil drawing on a new layer, which allowed me to use this drawing as a guide above the main color work.

Please, click the picture below to see animated GIF

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This is the final of this image

[singlepic id=226 w=320 h=240 float=]


My artwork for board games
My cover artwork and illustrations for books


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