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The communication is invaluable

From 5th till 6th May I was attending in RPC2012 in Cologne, Germany. For me it was the great experience. I’ve met a lot of new people and had a chance to talk with some old friends. I sold a few prints, posters, sketches and got a lot of new connections. Technically, all these things couldn’t cover the expenses for my trip. The only way for me to make this kind of event more profitable is to combine this business trip with a my vacation. Actually, I hadn’t expect to earn a lot from this event. Hey, who will expect to earn money from a vacation?! The most important thing here is the communication! The experience from talking with other artist, buyers, seeing how other artists work, is invaluable! I’m really glad I did this and I’m certainly will attend other events.

Here are my result and tips for future:

1) I’ve printed a few dozens different cards 8x5in, but people bought only a few ones. Especially people liked this one;

2) Germans speak English very well, but they will happy to order sketches in German language (I’ve made a few sketches, though);

3) Make a banner, a big banner!

4) Make something useful for selling, like calendar;

5) Spend more time with artists!

6) Spend a few more time with artists!

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