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Stop the war

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Ukraine is an independent democratic country located in Europe. On February, 24th its whole territory **was attacked by Russian armed forces** - from the territories of Russia and Belarus, from the sea, and the sky. They are deploying paratroopers, carrying our air strikes and shoot at us from across the border.

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I’ve aged ten years since February, 24th. I am in emotional panic. How to keep sense in this world? I am still learning how to get over the bloody history of my home country Russia. But no! They are in a hurry. Now they are pulling over the history of another country with its bloodlust and menace and pulling it over everyone. They are taking out these dusty high boots and trying them on. They say that they’re surrounded by enemies and they don’t have any other options than to war. They say they have a final solution for Ukraine. Final solution!? 

I cannot catch up with them. But there are a lot of people around me that see the logic in this. They hoot and whoop. They support this bloodshed and want more. But not just blood, they want some particular blood. They want to have a purge. I am trying to understand who they want to purge and I can’t. It’s too painful. I cannot handle this pain. How is this even possible?

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