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This is was my first visit to Spiel in Essen. I spent two days by hanging around this event. My Goal #1 was to find new clients and find the old ones. Goal #2 was to play and to bring a few games back home.

I took with me a few dozens leaflets, visit cards and iPad with my portfolio. I knew that place would be quite crowded and I wouldn’t have a chance to show my big portfolio (big folder with A3 pages). So, it was a good decision to take a smaller version of my portfolio. All the people I’ve met were quite busy and they had only a few seconds to talk, then they had to get back to sell their stuff. According to these circumstances I had prepared a small speech, just a couple of words, like “Introduce myself”, “what I want” and “what I have to offer”. Since all of them were speaking from their booth and I was from the costumer’s side, I didn’t have a chance to have very interesting conversation. The longest conversation with guy from a booth I had was about miniatures from French guy who couldn’t be my client. He just does awesome miniatures. Thanks to Florian Stitz who saved me from loneliness and hopelessness in a big crowded place.  However, I collected more then a dozen visit cards to whom I sent follow-up emails two days after the event.

The second day I spent searing for a good game to buy. I bought just two games (I guess not the best ones though). The both are on English. Actually almost all of the games on this event have an English version.

I really enjoyed SPIEL in Essen and I will try to visit the next one in 2013.

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