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Board Game Event

First-timer at Spiel in Essen, networking and exploring games. Highlights include client connections and game hunting. Excited for the next event in 2013!

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This was my first visit to Spiel in Essen, and I spent two days at the event. My primary goal was to find new clients and reconnect with the old ones. My second goal was to play some games and bring a few back home.

I came prepared with dozens of leaflets, business cards, and my iPad with my portfolio. Knowing that the place would be crowded, I decided not to bring my large A3 portfolio folder, opting for a smaller, more practical version. I quickly realized that people were quite busy, and our interactions were brief. To make the most of these short encounters, I prepared a concise introduction about myself, what I was seeking, and what I had to offer.

Since most attendees were speaking from their booths, I didn’t engage in lengthy conversations. The longest chat I had was with a gentleman at a booth, discussing miniatures from a talented French artist, although he wasn’t a potential client. Thanks to Florian Stitz, who kept me company and prevented me from feeling isolated in the bustling crowd.

Nonetheless, I managed to collect over a dozen business cards, to whom I sent follow-up emails two days after the event. On the second day, I focused on searching for games to purchase. I ended up buying two, although they may not have been the best choices. Both games were in English, as I noticed that most of the games at the event had English versions available.

Overall, my experience at SPIEL in Essen was enjoyable, and I plan to attend the next one in 2013.

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