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Horror novels and Donato

Here you can see my latest horror cover for All Hallows’ Eve by Charles Williams.

In this work I tried to depict a pale and cold skin. The color which must remains death and evil things 😉  As reference for my search for color I used Donato’s artworks which sense of human skin always amaze me! He has a DVD on the MassiveBlack website with 5 hours “making of” one of his amazing work.

This horror theme has become my favorite. Yeah! Some small evil guy (16-years-old) has been awaking in me. 😉 Next horror cover will be for japan writer. I’m very exciting about all these ghosts, silk kimonos and japan warriors. Stay tuned!

As you can see, I’ve made some changes on my website. Now you can comment on my post via facebook account. So, any comments are welcome!


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