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Horror novels and Donato

Explore my latest horror cover for Charles Williams' "All Hallows' Eve." 📖💀 I delved into the eerie, capturing the essence of pale, deathly skin. Donato's artistry inspired this spine-chilling palette. Stay tuned for more ghostly creations! And don't forget, you can now leave your comments with a Facebook account. 👻💬

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Here you can see my latest horror cover for All Hallows’ Eve by Charles Williams

In this work, I tried to depict pale and cold skin. The color that must evoke death and evil things. As a reference for my search for the right color, I used Donato’s artworks, whose sense of human skin always amazes me. He has a DVD on the MassiveBlack website with a 5-hour “making of” one of his amazing works.

The horror theme has become my favorite. Yes! Some small, evil guy (16 years old) has awakened in me. 😉 The next horror cover will be for a Japanese writer. I’m very excited about all these ghosts, silk kimonos, and Japanese warriors. Stay tuned!

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