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New game is on the way!

Hit and crash trailer
Exploring new horizons in mobile game development with Unity3D, inspired by the zany aesthetics of MTV and Adult Swim. Witness the creative journey and the incorporation of dynamic Spine animations in Stencyl. 🎮✨

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Diving into the creative process of my upcoming mobile game, I’ve chosen Unity3D as my canvas this time. Inspired by the zany aesthetics of old MTV clips and the offbeat design of Adult Swim, this game is set to be a wild and unconventional experience.

The style of the game is heavily influenced by old MTV clips and Adult Swim design. It will be crazy and unusual game.

Here is what I managed to build in Unity3D so far

Intriguingly, Stencyl is evolving beyond its roots as a platform for non-programmers. The integration of Spine files now unlocks the potential for fantastic animations, adding a new layer of dynamism to the game’s development. 🎮✨ Stay tuned for more exciting updates as this project unfolds!

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